Despite Higher Inflation, the U.S. Economy Continues to Boom: Gross Output (GO) Hits $50 Trillion!

Washington, DC (Thursday, September 30, 2021): For the first time in history, total spending in the economy, Gross Output (GO), hit $50 trillion 2021, based on the latest economic data release.  Gross Output (GO) is the top line in national … Continued

Don’t Worry about the U.S. Consumer

Take a look at today’s article about the U.S. consumer by Brian Wesbury, chief economist at First Trust Chicago: He uses my gross output (GO) statistic to refute the myth that consumer spending drives the economy.  It’s a beautifully written … Continued

GDP Accelerating in Q2 2018

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The graph below demonstrates that the supply chain in the US (“real intermediate output”) is growing fast, and suggests strong economic growth into 2018. Graph created by David Ranson, HCWE & Co. (  

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